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The Youth Partnership for Peace and Development - Sierra Leone is a voluntary and non-profit youth-led development organization working directly with development partners across the world. Established in 2005, the organization is staffed by a group of young proactive youths who are convinced that development does not lie in the hands of the elderly alone, but also in those of the youths. The overarching goal of YPPD is to contribute to the endeavors of supporting youth development, peaceful conflict resolution, stability and sustainable development and peace and democracy in Sierra Leone. YPPD works to increase the capacity of vulnerable groups through training, partnership, advocacy, enhancing youth knowledge base and equipping them with livelihood skills. It is a platform for diverse kinds of actions committed to engaging key stakeholders at different levels of development across the country.

It holds a conviction on young people as agents of positivism in terms of national development, thereby strongly believing that as young people that there is the call for us to come together and build the buoyancy needed in others, as a possible way of enabling youth in stepping forward for positive changes in our various communities and the world at large. With our vision, we develop insight from the daily struggles of our fellow young people who are marginalized and voiceless in the communities they live. This initiative is entirely managed for and by young people in Sierra Leone, which we consider as a novelty in the lives of every young person trying to make a change. JOIN OUR FORUM CLICK HERE

Our strategic programme areas include youth enterprise development, access to justice, gender empowerment through education and training, geared towards increasing youth capacity and knowledge in enjoyment of their human rights, fundamental freedoms and participation in decision-making processes that affect their lives.

This has subsequently made the organization one of the fastest growing youth organization in Sierra Leone and with a growing international membership of more than 250 young people the world over through the web-based social network called "YPPD YOUTH NETWORK"

YPPD envisions a society wherein young people can maximize their potentials in development that affect their lives through enhancing their capabilities and enabling them to affirm control over their life circumstances.

Our mission is to advocate, inform, involve, inspire and celebrate social change led by and for youths through a multifaceted approach. We connect with organizations and individuals with a view to supporting young people, and build alliances between youth groups, developing and empowering the marginalized and vulnerable youth of Sierra Leone.

- Our work is inspired by global principles and values including among others; youth development, achievement and championship, active participation, leadership, entrepreneurship, gender equality, social justice, sustainable livelihoods and respect for diversity and human rights and protection of our environments.
- Reverence for peoples' initiatives and decisions irrespective of race, sex and class
- Effective participation and active involvement of young people
- Transparency and accountability to all
- Protection and promotion of human rights as a foundation for human dignity
- Protection and promotion of knowledge about the environment
- Partnership and collaboration with initiatives and organizations working towards development

In Pursuit of our vision, our primary goal is to ensure young people realize their full potential in transforming and improving the quality of their lives, in partnership with other stakeholders.

Therefore our overwhelming primary goal focuses on our cooperative attention to promote youth participation and empowerment through policy advocacy, youth enterprise development and sustainable livelihoods of young and marginalized people especially in the area of capacity building within communities in Sierra Leone.
YPPD also aims to educate, inform and inspire youth to take action on global issues that affect their lives including climate change; encourage youth participation in global issues; identify and build sustainable partnerships aimed at youth development; and provide young people with tools and resources for effective action.

" Directing special consideration to young people and develop in them the potential to help create their own future.
" Promoting healthy and progressive working relationships with all children/ youth and community based organizations both nationally and internationally.
" To promote the creation and strengthening of existing youth organizations/groups with the aim of improving their economic base, increasing their capacities and influence their participation in decision-making and management at all levels.
" Acting as motivators and facilitators of meaningful changes in individuals, groups and national development in the bid to forester youth-led social changes
" Promoting the use of participatory tools in advocacy and community development.
" Promoting the shift in consciousness from fear and seclusion to unity, love, tolerance, hard work and peaceful coexistence for young people and the communities they are living in.
" Establishment of platforms to uphold the practice of socio-economic, political and social justice so as to bring about social harmony, solidarity and peace in the lives of young people.
" To create a movement of youth that will monitor and engage government for the enhancement of transparency and accountability