YPPD envisions a society wherein young people can maximize their potentials in development that affect their lives through enhancing their capabilities and enabling them to affirm control over their life circumstances.

YPPD’s mission is to advocate, inform, involve, inspire and celebrate social change led and driven by young professionals  through a multifaceted approach. We connect with organizations and individuals with a view to supporting people and their communities, and build alliances between youth groups, developing and empowering the marginalized and vulnerable..

YPPD’s activities are dedicated to enabling young people discover their tremendous talents and untapped energy so as to become productive and well-informed global citizens. YPPD also believes that encouraging the development of creativity in young people will in turn result in their ability to make the social changes needed for a more independent and safer future.

We do these through

  • Policy evidence-based advocacy and lobby
  • Campaigns using Multimedia and creative approaches such as documentary and film production
  • Inclusive and participatory models of planning and implementation
  • Research and documentation
  • Outreach to marginalized communities.
  • Campaigning and public mobilization
  • Promotion and development of Life-Skills for vulnerable youths
  • Building capacities of citizens and their institutions

Our Trails

School Clubs
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